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Secure Access with Daily Data Backups

Flourish is a web-based application, meaning it runs in your internet browser. You can securely access your account from any computer making getting to your data extremely convenient. All your data is securely stored in a cloud database which is backed up daily easing the stresses of losing your data.

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Flourish Datebook

Sales & Invoicing

Easily create invoices and track product deliveries and payments. Print an invoice or email one directly to your customer. If you choose to email it, you will be notified immediately after customer views the invoice. Track payments when you receive them. You can also easily apply discounts, track personal use, donations and more. You can easily track partial payments and even what product was delivered and when.


Inventory Management

Keep accurate track of your inventory with a FIFO accounting system. Stop wondering what product is on your shelf and start knowing. With Flourish you will keep accurate records of your inventory and transactions. Flourish changes your product quantities automatically after every purchase and sale. We also make it simple to track other types of product transactions such as loans, borrows, or exchanges.

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Flourish Datebook

All your events in one place

Our datebook is the place for you to track all the things you have going on - that big upcoming booking or party, monthly team meetings, or your daughter's soccer practice - it can all go right here. Your appointments, bookings, parties, and tasks are easily organized in one central place.


Graphs and charts

Stay up-to-date with graphs and charts. View your sales and bookings over the last 12 months, see your top products sold, and your profit/loss for the year. At a glance get an impression of the health of your business. Visualizing your data gives you a whole new perspective you cannot get with pen and paper.

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Flourish Datebook

Contact and relationship management

Organize your contacts and manage your relationships with the people you interact with. More than just a simple address book, our contact management features give you a tailored area to keep track of all your customers and contacts. Quickly see what products your customers purchase from you and how often. Easily track notes of communications with your contacts and never forget key dates like birthdays and anniversaries.


Expense & Income Tracking

Keep accurate records of your expenses, income, and vehicle mileage. Track all of your business expenses with Flourish, quickly and easily. Organize your income, expenses, and mileage into categories and even add notes to them. Mileage covered on trips to bookings and meetings count as a business expense, so we've added a neat little feature that allows you to easily track your vehicle mileage.

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Flourish allows you to view 13 different reports tailored to your direct sales business. Find out what your best-selling products are for the year, what products are getting low in your inventory, or just look to see who has an upcoming birthday or anniversary. Reports are the feature that will give you full control of your business and allow you to retrieve the data you need to maximize profits.


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